Dermatologist-Approved Towel Sets That Will Leave Your Skin and Hair Baby Soft

Dermatologist-Approved Towel Sets That Will Leave Your Skin and Hair Baby Soft

by Francesca Krempa for

Few things in life are as satisfying as a plush, luxe bath towel set. You know the kind I'm talking about—the towels that are so thick and cushy, they instantly transport you to a 5-star spa each and every time you use them. The secret for such luxury comes from their fabric, which doesn't just feel nicer, but is actually healthier on skin and hair as well. As board-certified dermatologist Stacy Chimento, MD, of Riverchase Dermatology in Miami previously told us, not all towels are created equal. It all comes down to material choice.

"Many people don't realize how abrasive towels can be on the skin, depending on the force with which you rub them over your skin," Dr. Chimento said. Because of this, they'll rub down with a scratchy, rough towel, disrupting their skin barrier as a result. "But this force, paired with a tough material, can actually strip the skin of its essential oils, which can lead to drier skin that irritates more easily."

Rather than buying just any old towel set, upgrade to a Turkish cotton or microfiber kit. "For the body, you want to make sure the fabric is gentle, durable, and absorbent," saids Dr. Chimento. "Materials like microfiber and cotton (including Turkish cotton), are the most popular fabrics for face cloths, and they are also good options for full-size towels for the body."

Ready to upgrade your bath towel game? Below are luxe, derm-approved towel sets that'll leave your hair and skin baby-soft, without breaking the bank.

Aestate, Bath Towel Pair — $95.00
Have you ever worn a cloud? Me neither. But I imagine if I did, it would feel just like this plush Aestate bath towel. These high-pile towels are the definition of luxe, guaranteed to dry you off in maximum comfort. They’re made from derm-approved, OEKO-TEX certified cotton, which you and your skin will love.

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