Getting married? Add Aestate to your universal wedding registry.

Getting married? Add Aestate to your universal wedding registry.

The perfect towels to add to your wedding registry.

Every wedding registry seems to have towels on them. We get it, we all had them on ours too. You're starting a fresh new life with your partner and you don't want to take your parents' old hand-me-down towels with you, so you add some new ones to your wedding registry. Cool. But, are they the best towels you could possibly be asking any of your friends or family members to get for you? After all, starting a fresh new life deserves a set of towels that will help elevate your everyday routines.

When you look for what towels would be best to add, people often search for something in a color that would go with their decor preferences, and while we agree that color is important (and why we so carefully perfected our color offerings for you), the performance, durability and feel of the towels are equally important.

This is why we designed the best towels possible and had a world-class factory in Portugal manufacture them for us with the care and attention to detail that we know you deserve. We believe that something so intimately used, every single day, should be something that feels good, absorbs moisture, lasts for a long time and is made in a sustainable way.

What sets the Aestate towels apart is that they are constructed with a 60% combed cotton to 40% TENCEL™️ Lyocell blend for the pile and are built on top of a 100% cotton base for super durability. Now you may be wondering what TENCEL™️ Lyocell is? Let us tell you why it's such a cool fibre!

TENCEL™️ Lyocell are cellulosic fibres that are derived mostly from eucalyptus trees harvested from sustainably managed forests. They're developed using a closed-loop production process that transforms the wood pulp into the Lyocell fibres using a solvent-spinning process that recycles the process water and organic solvent at a recovery rate or higher than 99%.

TENCEL™️ Lyocell fibres are known for their extremely high absorbency rates (they're hydrophilic). This means that our towels are designed to optimize the absorption of moisture and then release it back into the air quickly, helping to prevent bacteria and odour from developing even after multiple uses between washes (which also means less laundry to do).

Anyways, we know we've gone on and on about TENCEL™️, but it's because we're truly so impressed by this top-notch fibre. 

Go check out our color choices (here) to see what vibe suits you best, and get ready to elevate your everyday routines. 

Design inspired by #HowYouFeel.

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